Fire Restoration

Fire Restoration

Cantily are aware of the emotional impact felt by homeowners, tenants. Business owners and those affected by a fire. Fire and smoke can cause devastating damage to a property, as can the water used to extinguish it. The experience can be extremely stressful as the damage often affects the structure, furnishings, as well as possessions that can have great sentimental and financial value to the owner.

Cantily consistently achieve the highest quality repairs in the shortest possible timescale with the objective always to get the client back into the property as soon as is realistically possible and hence reduce the ongoing trauma a fire related incident will have.

Our disaster and recovery team will assess the damage and make the property safe. A claim manager will meet with the insurance representative and carry out a detailed assessment of the required repairs. Upon instruction our skilled restoration team will carry out all necessary reinstatement works. The claim manager is directly involved from start to finish ensuring a sound economical claim resolution.

Detailed Services

  • Removal and Storage
  • Stripping Out
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Soot Odour Removal
  • Air Purifications
  • Electrical Certifications
  • Plumbing Periodics
  • Painting and Decoration
  • Refurbishment Works
  • Commercial Cleaning
Fire and smoke damage restoration
Fire and smoke damage restoration

Disastory Recovery

Our fire, flood, storm and impact damage restoration specialists aim to arrive as soon as possible and repair your property back to full working order as quickly as possible.