Subsidence Repair & Restoration

Subsidence Repair and Restoration

Cantily are aware subsidence and its affect are unlike disasters such as fire and flood, although not normally as catastrophic it can still cause great anxiety for the property owner. Structural repairs are usually required as a result of trees, drains, or ground consolidation. This in turn leads to instability in the building, which leads to foundation problems and walls moving out of position or cracking, although these often all go hand in hand.

We appreciate that often families have lived with this taking place in their homes for many months or years and often repair works do not commence until several months into a claim for a number of reasons such as, mitigation works or crack monitoring. Mitigation works may simply require the removal of a tree or repair of a drain. In some cases however the property may require more than just superstructure repairs, underpinning, piling, and in some cases demolition and rebuild may be the only solution. Cantily consistently achieve the highest quality repairs in the shortest possible timescale with the objective always to be unobtrusive and hence reduce the strain put upon property owners as well as the building itself. This is why Cantily has dedicated teams who are trained to work within the householders property whilst they continue to live in it and carry on with day to day life. All of our Structural Repair Teams are CRB checked and fully trained in the latest techniques to restore structural stability to a property.

A claim manager will meet with the insurance representative and carry out a detailed assessment of the required repairs and will then provide a detailed costing for repairs. Upon instruction our skilled structural repair team will carry out all stabilizing works, our restoration team will then carry out all necessary reinstatement and redecoration works. The claim manager is directly involved from start to finish ensuring a sound and economical claim resolution.

Detailed Services

  • Crack Stitching
  • Masonry Reinforcement
  • Crack Injection
  • Resin Bonding and Anchors
  • Remedial Wall Ties, Bars and Straps
  • Movement Joints
  • Traditional Repairs
  • Refurbishment Works
Subsidence and Structural Repairs
Subsidence and Structural Repairs

Disastory Recovery

Our fire, flood, storm and impact damage restoration specialists aim to arrive as soon as possible and repair your property back to full working order as quickly as possible.