Impact Damage

Impact Damage

Cantily realises that damage caused as a result of sudden impact is a more common occurrence than you may think. Whether it be from a vehicle, errant plant or machinery, a falling tree or anything else, the consequences whether to a domestic property or a commercial premises, can be dramatic and sometimes calamitous. Safety and security are paramount in these circumstances.

Cantily consistently achieve the highest quality repairs in the shortest possible timescale with the objective always to get the client back into the property as soon as is realistically possible and hence reduce the chaos a impact incident will cause.

Our disaster and recovery team including Engineering Surveyors will assess the damage and make the property safe. A claim manager will meet with the insurance representative and carry out a detailed assessment of the required repairs. Upon instruction our skilled restoration team will carry out all necessary reinstatement works. The claim manager is directly involved from start to finish ensuring a sound economical claim resolution.

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