Secure Site

Secure Site

Following and satisfying the insurance requirements of the UK’s largest underwriters, including AXA, HSBC, Willis and Insolvency Risk Services it is important to protect homeowners and landlords’ investments.

Secure site services

  • Fencing services
  • Boarding up
  • Vacant property inspections
  • Alarms and on-site security
  • Securing the property against illegal entry
  • Replacing or boarding up all broken windows
  • Sealing letterboxes if unoccupied for more than 6 months
  • Removing all internal and external waste materials
  • Shutting off the gas supply
  • Shutting off and draining down the water supply (unless a sprinkler system is installed)
  • Shutting off the electricity (unless this is required for site visits, viewings or alarms)
  • Inspecting property internally & externally every 7 days
  • Reporting any breaches to the Property Owner, landlord, Insurance Company, Adjuster and recommending actions to rectify the problem immediately

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